ZET Global Expo at COP26 | 11.21

Nov 2021

Less than 4% of the global on-road fleet, trucks emit 27% of on-road GHGs and 60% of NOx worldwide. The path to net zero by 2050 is possible – but not without zero-emission trucks (ZETs).

As parties gather at COP26 to accelerate action on climate change, the ZET Global Expo will showcase ZETs and the important benefits they provide. A plethora of ZET models are available for purchase today, representing a large array of uses.

These vehicles should be considered an integral part of any ambitious climate action plan.

It’s time for nations and subnational governments that are setting climate commitments to take a closer look at ZETs and align their climate goals with policies and programs that accelerate ZETs.

The future of transport is now.


Preliminary industry partners signaling an interest in participating include: Volvo, Scania, Navistar, Ford, BYD, Arrival, Lightning eMotors, Tevva, Volta Trucks, Nikola, DHL, UPS, Siemens, and BAE Systems.

Public and private entities interested in collaborating on this event are invited to email Peter Jenkins (pjenkins@calstart.org) of CALSTART.

Additional details to come.