ZETs Deliver Economic Benefits

Driven by an ecosystem of consumer demand, industry leadership/ambition, supportive programs, ambitious policies – like California’s Advanced Clean Truck Rule – and coordinated agreements – like the Multi-State Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicle Memorandum of Understanding – ZETs deliver economic benefits.

{graphic illustrating all 3 drivers in cycle}

ZETs support economic growth and security

“Europe could cut oil imports by 1bn barrels of oil equivalent, strengthen GDP, create around 120,000 net additional jobs across the economy by 2030” Source

“Electric Trucks and Volvo LIGHTS are Bringing New Job Opportunities” Source

“Tevva’s new factory is expected to create an additional 1,000 skilled mechanical, software, engineering, and manufacturing jobs in the next 24 months.” Source

“Thousands of jobs electric-vehicle maker Rivian has created at its Michigan plant will likely create an economic “ripple effect” throughout the community, including higher wages.” Source

Amazon-backed electric vehicle startup could bring 7,500 jobs, $5 billion investment to Fort Worth Source

Manufacturers are investing in ZETs

{graphic derived from table data}

ZETs deliver fuel & maintenance savings

{Graphic from TCO Charts}