The Zero-Emission Technology Inventory (ZETI) Data Explorer is a new publicly available tool that leverages the existing ZETI database to provide new insights into global ZEV market status and trends. This interactive tool allows users to explore, compare, contrast, and visualize data points drawn from ZETI. Users can also filter specific parameters like vehicle type, region, or technology to understand the data from different angles.

To understand the data in context, our Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Market Update report summarizes the current market status and trends, including additional information on global sales and regional dynamics.

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CALSTART (2024): Drive to Zero’s Zero-Emission Technology Inventory Data Explorer. Version 1.5. Available online at:

The market for zero-emission commercial vehicles is constantly in flux, so the tool is updated frequently to maintain a high standard of data integrity and reflect the most accurate information as technology rapidly progresses. Please include the tool’s version number when referencing ZETI resources.

We hope you enjoy this new resource from Drive to Zero and we welcome any questions or feedback at Thank you!