The Program

Drive to Zero is a program of CALSTART, a clean transportation industry non-profit consortium with 210+ members. With offices in New York, Michigan, Colorado and California, CALSTART partners with industry leaders and agency innovators to build a prosperous, efficient and clean high-tech transportation industry.

CALSTART links global partners and provides guidance information, research and technical support.

Drive to Zero Pledge Partners are cities, governments, manufacturers, fleets and fuel suppliers that have pledged to collaboratively put in place supporting mechanisms to speed the early market for zero- and near-zero emission trucks, buses and equipment.

Drive to Zero Organizing Partners are key initiatives and organizations worldwide with which Drive to Zero works to coordinate strategies on commercial vehicles, reach additional partners and share supporting tools and case studies. Organizing Partners can be regional, national or global in nature.

To date, Drive to Zero is working collaboratively with C40, EV100, Transport Decarbonisation Alliance and other groups, and working regionally with Clean Energy Canada and partners in the Netherlands, China and India.

Drive to Zero is structuring regular reports to all partners, scheduling meetings globally and regionally, and developing supporting tools.

Several tools will be unveiled at the Drive to Zero Vancouver Workshop May 28th 2019.

Download a full description of the Drive to Zero strategy and program here.