Drive to ZeroTM aims to enable and accelerate the growth of global zero- and near-zero-emission (ZE) commercial vehicles, with the vision that ZE technology will be commercially viable by 2025 and dominate by 2040 in specific vehicle segments (referred to as “beachhead” segments) and regions (China, United States led by California, the European Union, India, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and South America).


Our theory of change is to:

  • Target first-success markets where electrification works now
  • Build supporting “ecosystems” in first-mover regions made up of aligned policies, incentives, infrastructure investments, and pilot projects
  • Work concurrently and collaboratively across regions and industry worldwide to encourage global supply chain of critical components and manufacturers
  • Expand technology development and implementation to other on-road, off-road, and marine sectors as components mature, volumes grow, and costs decrease.


Drive to Zero is built upon the Beachhead Strategy, a technology strategy for change. The Beachhead Strategy identifies the commercial vehicle market segments where zero- and near-zero technologies are most likely to succeed first. Those are typically urban applications where vehicles operate along known routes and relatively shorter distances and can charge overnight at depots. Developed in partnership between CALSTART and the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the Beachhead Strategy aligns closely with the market and product strategies of major truck and component makers worldwide and has been incorporated into CARB’s three-year investment plan strategy.


Drive to Zero connects Pledge Partners – cities, national and regional government agencies, manufacturers, fleets, fuel/energy suppliers, and other organizations – that have pledged to collaboratively put in place supporting mechanisms to speed the early market for zero- and near-zero emission trucks, buses and equipment.

To date, Drive to Zero is working collaboratively with C40EV100, the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance and other groups, and working regionally with Clean Energy Canada and partners in the Netherlands, China, India, and South America.

Drive to Zero is structuring regular reports to all partners, scheduling meetings globally and regionally, and developing supporting tools.


Drive to Zero is a program of CALSTART, a clean transportation industry non-profit consortium with 270+ members. With offices in New York, Michigan, Colorado and California, CALSTART partners with industry leaders and agency innovators to build a prosperous, efficient and clean high-tech transportation industry.

Download a full description of the Drive to Zero strategy and program here.