Drive to Zero develops a robust suite of tools aimed at accelerating the growth of the zero-emission truck and bus segment through coordinated policies, programs, incentives and collaboration. Our tools are developed to strategically support the public and private sector in the drive to zero.

Seeks to establish a regularly updated global accounting of commercially available zero-emission trucks and buses.
ZETI (Zero-Emission Technology Inventory)
Data analysis of zero-emission truck and bus segment growth and development as well as tracking of key analytics like vehicle range as well as OEM and model availability by region.
ZETI Data Explorer
Policies, actions, and investments that governments and industries can take to catalyze zero-emission truck and bus deployment.
Policies and Actions Toolkit
Estimator compares TCO of select zero- and near-zero-emission trucks and buses to comparative gasoline, diesel, and compressed natural gas vehicles.
Total Cost of Ownership Estimator
Accounting of successful MHDV policy development taking place in leading regions around the world including the progress being made by all signatories of the Global MoU.
Global MOU Policy Tracker Dashboard
Assists delivery companies and other stakeholders in calculating the benefits and operational considerations of switching to zero-emission, first/last-mile delivery vehicles.
Delivery FLEET 1.0 First/Last-Mile Emissions Estimation Tool