The Strategy

Drive to Zero is a strategic international initiative designed to catalyze the growth of the zero-emission (ZE) and near-zero-emission (NZ) medium- and heavy-duty vehicle sector, which includes everything from transit buses to eighteen wheelers to box trucks to school buses. The program’s goal is to drive market viability for near- and zero-emission vehicles in the MHDV sector in key urban communities by 2025 and achieve full market penetration by 2040.

The Technology pathways

Drive to Zero is built upon a technology strategy that identifies the commercial vehicle market segments where zero- and near-zero technology is likely to succeed first – called “beachheads.” Those early successes drive pathways into new segments where the technology can flourish next.


Key First Regions

Drive to Zero partners are enacting policies, regulations, incentives and other tools to catalyze the beachhead strategy globally.


Recent News

The Program

Drive to Zero is a program of CALSTART, a clean transportation industry consortium with headquarters in California, offices across North America, and more than 200-member companies and partners worldwide. CALSTART links global partners and provides guidance information, research and technical support. Pledge Partners agree to collaboratively adopt mechanisms to speed the beachhead strategy.