Drive to Zero and the Government of the Netherlands would like to welcome you to the Global MOU community, a unified effort by sub-national governments, industry leaders, and key stakeholders dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles (ZE-MHDVs) as outlined in the Global Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Our mission is clear: achieve 30% zero-emission new vehicle sales by 2030 and realize a full transition by 2040, paving the way to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.1 Join us in this transformative journey, where every endorsement propels us closer to a sustainable and emissions-free future on our roads. 

Global MOU on ZE-MHDVs Commitment 

As endorsers and knowledge partners, we are committed to the Global MOU on ZE-MHDVs as part of our broader efforts to accelerate the transition to zero-emission transportation. By endorsing this non-binding MOU, we commit to working collaboratively to overcome strategic, political, and technical barriers, and to foster investment and economies of scale to make the transition faster, more cost-effective, and accessible for everyone. Recognizing the unique needs of emerging markets and lower-income countries, we strive to support these economies in achieving the Global MOU’s ambitious goals. 

Here’s how we contribute to this transformative journey: 

  • As sub-national governments, we strive to convert our owned or leased MHDV fleets to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in line with the Global MOU ambition, as well as put in place policies to enable, accelerate, or otherwise incentivize the transition to ZEVs as soon as possible, to the extent possible given our jurisdictional powers. 
  • As MHDV manufacturers and suppliers, we aspire to reach 30% new ZE-MHDV sales by 2030, and 100% new ZE-MHDV sales by 2040 worldwide.* 
  • As fleet owners and operators, we aim toward 100% of our MHDV fleets being ZEVs by 2040, recognizing that we strive for an earlier transition of the lighter MHDV segments. 
  • As utilities and infrastructure providers, we support an accelerated transition to ZE-MHDVs, recognizing the importance of zero-emission charging and fueling infrastructure and solutions to enable the Global MOU ambition. We will work together with industry and government partners to support infrastructure rollout such that charging and fueling infrastructure availability is no longer a barrier to the full transition to ZE-MHDVs by 2040. As utilities, we also strive to provide sufficient charging capacity and grid integration to enable the full transition toward ZE-MHDVs by 2040. As infrastructure providers, we strive to provide an extensive infrastructure network to enable the Global MOU ambition. 
  • As investors with significant shareholdings in MHDV manufacturers and fleets, we support an accelerated transition to ZEVs in line with the Global MOU ambition. We will proactively engage and escalate these issues with investees, coupled with encouraging all our holdings to decarbonize their fleets and invest in clean infrastructure and energy supply. 
  • As financial institutions, we aim to support the ZEV transition by making capital and financial products available to enable this transition for consumers, businesses, charging infrastructure providers, and manufacturers. 
  • As multilateral development banks, recognizing our obligation as providers of public finance to climate and sustainable development, as well as our vital role in mobilizing private investment, we commit to reorient our transportation-related investments across all sectors toward ZEVs and ZEV supporting infrastructure. 
  • As other signatories, including knowledge partners and NGOs active in the ZE-MHDV space, we support an accelerated transition to ZE-MHDVs in line with the Global MOU ambition. 

Interested in joining the Global MOU community? Submit your endorsement application today and become part of a global movement toward zero-emission transportation.  

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Global MOU on ZE-MHDVs Endorsers and Knowledge Partners   

We are proud to collaborate with a diverse group of leaders committed to zero-emission transportation. Below, you will find the logos of companies, sub-national governments, NGOs, investors, knowledge partners, and other stakeholders that have endorsed the Global MOU on ZE-MHDVs. Each logo represents a commitment from an endorser or knowledge partner to a cleaner, healthier future. 

Subnational Governments

Manufacturer and Suppliers

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Knowledge Partners and Other Endorsers


* We aspire to reach 30% ZE-MHDV sales by 2030, and over 90% ZE-MHDV sales by 2040 worldwide, recognizing that the remaining sales share in 2040 should be powered by 100% fossil-free energy.

** BREYTNER has been a core business zero emission transport company since 2014 and supports all action taken to further speed up the transition towards zero emission transport. Already there is so much possible when you combine intrinsical motivation, vision, good partnerships and willingness to innovate because that can be used as a force for good. We believe we can achieve great things when working together and understanding the hurdles that need to be taken. Inspiring other companies and sharing our lessons learned are part of our DNA. Let’s start your zero emission journey today!