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Program Updates

Signatories and Endorsers Gather at Second Annual Global MOU Summit

Left to right: Keith Budden, Head of Business Development, Cenex; Aleksander Rajch, Vice President, PSNM; Rob Kroon, Consultant, FIER; Stephanie Kodish, Global Director, Drive to Zero, CALSTART: Rowana Legito, Project Manager EU, Drive to Zero, CALSTART. Credit: CALSTART/Drive to Zero.

What a week it was in Madrid, with 24 governments and over 30 industry, investor, and knowledge partners spanning the continents convening in Spain for the second annual Global Memorandum of Understanding on Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle (ZE-MHDV) Summit.

CALSTART was pleased to co-lead this event with the Dutch government, graciously hosted by Iberdrola. I believe I can speak for the 75+ participants present when I say that we all walked away enriched—with new insights, information, ideas, and relationships.

Global MOU country signatories and endorsers engaged on challenges, opportunities, and solutions, workshopping issues such as supply-side mandates, accelerating the ZE-MHDV transition of small and medium enterprises, and innovative solutions for ZE-MHDV infrastructure. Participants reflected on progress of existing efforts, such as:

  • Chile’s more than 3,000+ ZE buses (second only to China) sourced by renewable energy
  • California’s Advanced Clean Trucks Rule in accelerating economies of scale
  • The Milence joint venture of the three largest OEMs building out a network of electric truck charging stations in Europe, on pace to open more than one station per week this year
  • ZeroNOx and Ghana demonstrating the impact of international partnerships by retrofitting 1,000 refuse trucks, converting them from diesel to electric
  • The first 17 Zero Emission Zones in the Netherlands going into force by January 2025 and their strategy to stimulate ZE vehicle transition
  • The Mediterranean corridor joint venture of Iberdrola and bp pulse to deploy high-speed public charging infrastructure for electrification of transport through Spain and Portugal, with the goal of reaching 11,700 fast and ultra-fast charging points operational by 2030
  • The Dominican Republic’s advancement of NDC-aligned, clean energy-promoting regulations

Beyond the learnings, we had the opportunity to visit Europe’s largest bus charging station in Madrid’s Canalejas 360 and EMT’s Operational Center and Carabanchel, as well as hear from the managers, operators, and drivers at these impressive locations. In addition, we were all able to attend a truck showcase, featuring ZE-MHDVs from Scania, Seur, FCC Medio Ambiente, and EMT Madrid, and engage new actions such as the ZEVWISE Global Green Corridors and Drive to Zero Implementation Hubs.

This gives a snapshot of the three-day Summit and the various impactful ways in which the Global MOU community is championing the transition to ZE-MHDVs and making strides toward achieving Global MOU goals.

While we’re under no illusion that the road ahead is simple, for me the Summit reinforced two components vital to a successful transition: (1) the wit and wisdom of the frontrunning countries and stakeholders to overcome hurdles and innovate needed solutions are making great strides to decarbonize trucks and buses, and (2) across every global region and every stakeholder group, we are aligned and dedicated to achieving the shared vision of a decarbonized future.

Onwards to our continued collaboration to achieve the Global MOU goals!

-Stephanie Kodish, Global Director, CALSTART / Drive to Zero   

John Boesel, President and CEO, CALSTART, speaks at the Global MOU Summit before a backdrop of two demonstration ZE-HDVs. Credit: CALSTART/Drive to Zero.

Industry News

Groundbreaking Collaboration Drives Shift to Electric Transport in Portugal 

Global MOU endorser Scania announced that IKEA will begin to use Scania’s heavy-duty electric vehicles to transport goods from IKEA’s factory in Portugal—a recent Global MOU signatory—to the harbor in Porto and to IKEA’s stores in the country.

Albert Heijn Opens a New Charging Plaza in the Netherlands to Supply Its Fleet of 324 Electric Vehicles (EVs)

With a total of 270 charging stations serving its 250 delivery vans and 74 trucks in the Netherlands, supermarket chain Albert Heijn now has the largest EV fleet of any retailer in the country. In 2023, Albert Heijn covered 2.5 million kilometers using EVs and has a goal of doubling that figure this year.

MOL and Volvo Penta Unite to Develop Full Electric 4X4 RoRo Tractors

Volvo Penta and heavy-industry and port-handling equipment manufacturer MOL are starting trials on a pathbreaking fully electric 4X4 Roll-on/Roll-off tractor, the RME225. The joint project’s goal is to introduce a high-performance, sustainable alternative to diesel port vehicles that can complete a full shift.

USA: EPA Funds Over 3,000 Electric School Buses

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is funding 530 school districts across the country with almost $900 million to pay for over 3,400 school buses, most of which will be electric. This follows the nearly $2.7 billion the EPA has already given to 1,270 school districts, paying for 8,535 clean school buses.

MAN Delivers 100 Electric Trucks to Jack Perrenot as Its EV Fleet Sales Boom

Since Germany’s MAN began sales of its EV line this past October, it has received almost 2,000 orders and inquiries. MAN celebrated a milestone recently when it delivered 100 electric trucks to French supermarket freight carrier Jack Perrenot. In 2025, MAN will begin large-scale manufacturing of its EV line at its plant in Munich.


ICCT Releases Latest EU Market Monitor for Q1 2024

The International Council on Clean Transportation published its updated EU market monitor for Q1 2024, with a spotlight on EU truck subsidies. The report highlights the considerable growth of the ZE-HDV market in Europe, noting such gains as ZE buses more than doubling their share of bus and coach sales compared to the first quarter of 2023.

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