CALSTART’s Delivery First/Last-Mile Emissions Estimation Tool (Delivery FLEET 1.0) is an interactive software tool that assists delivery companies and other stakeholders in calculating the benefits and operational considerations of switching to zero-emission, first/last-mile delivery vehicles. The adoption of such vehicles aids in reducing fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping to mitigate the effects of climate change and airborne pollution.

To use the tool, select a baseline vehicle and utilization rate for comparison, enter your daily mileage and fuel cost parameters, select the types of vehicles you’re interested in, and click “Get Results”.

Step 1: Select Baseline Vehicle

Step 2: Enter Information About Range and Energy Costs

Step 3: Select A Demonstration Vehicle Type Hover over the icons to learn more about the vehicle types

Step 4: Analyze Output


Delivery FLEET Disclaimers

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General Disclaimer

Delivery FLEET 1.0 is intended as a guide for understanding the potential benefits and operational considerations of adopting zero-emission vehicles for first/last-mile delivery. While the creators have made every effort to ensure accurate estimates, the results obtained from use of this tool are not guaranteed to be exact. Actual results may vary depending on considerations such as weather, refueling location, fuel-price structure, land-use context, or whether vehicles are owned, leased, or shared. The input data which this calculator uses is based upon a variety of sources. In some instances, assumptions were made regarding input data due to a lack of available data, as some vehicle technology included in this tool is nascent. Version 1.0 of this tool does not include total cost of ownership considerations such as reduced maintenance costs, facility needs, or fees commonly associated with near- and zero-emission vehicle deployment (such as demand charges).


A full description of the methods used to build this tool, as well as assumptions, sources, and references, is available in the accompanying white paper, “Delivery First/Last-Mile Emissions Estimation Tool (FLEET) Vehicle Analysis.”

Give us feedback on this tool

We welcome your comments and suggestions. If you have feedback for improving the tool or making the data it uses more accurate, please contact the creators at

Adding new vehicle models

Delivery FLEET is based the best available data and may not accurately reflect the most recent model offerings. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in making this tool more comprehensive, accurate, and robust.  If you manufacture last-mile delivery vehicles class 4 or smaller that are not yet in Delivery FLEET, please complete this form in order to update current listings and add new vehicles. For more information or to provide feedback, email us at

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