Drive to Zero is working collaboratively with fleet electrification experts around the world to launch a global Implementation Hub Network aimed at supporting countries and fleets who set ambitious zero-emission transport goals.

Need a collaborator to launch a new zero-emission truck pilot project? Want an expert who can help shift your fleet from diesel to zero-emissions? Need access to tools to grow zero-emission transport infrastructure strategically? We can help.

About us

The Drive to Zero Global Implementation Hub Network is powered by local fleet experts who help businesses transition to Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles (ZE-MHDVs) strategically and at scale. These experts use tools and guidance documents co-developed with Drive to Zero. We provide tailored solutions to support lower deployment costs coupled with  optimal replacement schedules and complemented by the most up-to-date model availability data. In addition, we identify and plan effective charging infrastructure solutions, connect fleets with innovative financing products, and match-make potential technology, innovation, finance, and other strategic partners.

The goal is to establish a Global Implementation Hub Network that encompasses at least 30 local hubs by 2030, to accelerate the deployment of zero-emission vehicles. This contributes to the commitment by leading countries and industry frontrunners to work together to enable the targets set by the Global Memorandum of Understanding on Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles (Global MOU). The Global MOU is the most ambitious multi-national effort to decarbonize global transport, co-led by the Government of the Netherlands and Drive to Zero. Country signatories and endorsers agree to reach 100% new zero-emission truck and bus sales by the year 2040.

How We Work

Drive to Zero leads the creation of new implementation hubs within the larger network and connects local implementation hub fleet experts worldwide to accelerate knowledge exchange, tool development and improvement, usage of tools for fleet support and best project design practices. These connections will support the goal to progressively build out new resources that facilitate replication and scale.

On a parallel track, fleet experts and Drive to Zero gain insight into how policies and regulations impact adoption. These learnings are channeled toward government agencies, creating a feedback loop for policy improvement and accelerated adoption. The implementation hubs are a catalyzing ecosystem making transformative ZE-MHDV fleets a reality in your community.

The local hubs are powered by local fleet experts: FIER Sustainable Mobility leads the Implementation Hub in the Netherlands, and the Polish Association for New Mobility (PSNM) leads Poland’s Hub. Drive to Zero’s local implementing partners help businesses transition to zero-emission vehicles strategically and at scale, using tools and guidance documents to accelerate the transition and connect with local fleet experts across the globe.

Register now for a free introductory call with one of our fleet experts in your country through the registration form on the webpage for the Implementation Hub Netherlands and Poland. Our fleet experts will help identify what steps can be taken to start—or accelerate—your electrification journey, and will offer support where needed to deploy vehicles or infrastructure.