COP28 Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicle Events

Dec 1, 2023 - Dec 7, 2023

Accelerating the Transition of Road Transport (1 December)

Join a distinguished panel of world leaders, CEO industry visionaries, and investors as they discuss how to effectively accelerate transport decarbonization. This session will delve into comprehensive solutions and regional examples: from zero-emission vehicles to intelligent infrastructures and the transformative power of harnessing renewable energies. This crucial dialogue will foster international collaboration, inspire strategic policymaking, and chart a course for a sustainable and interconnected global transport ecosystem. CALSTART CEO John Boesel will moderate. This event is hosted by the COP28 Presidency in partnership with the Sustainable Markets Initiative, CALSTART and WBCSD on Dec 1st 14:00 -15:00 in the Green Zone. Invitation only. Additional details to follow.

Strategies to decarbonize the transportation sector (3 December)

This event will examine strategies to decarbonize the transportation sector. It is organized by GDA Connect, Energy Transition Hub, Sustainability Entrance with support from CALSTART. CALSTART CEO John Boesel to moderate. Join us on 3 December at 1500-1545.

Finance Collective Roundtable (4 December)

A collective of governments, businesses, and private finance will gather with the aim of formalizing a plan to accelerate small scale projects for zero-emission trucks and buses that have a big impact. This session is led by WBCSD and CALSTART and will be held in the Green Zone at 16:15-18:00. Invitation Only. Additional details to follow.

Financing Sectoral Transformations: Collaborating to scale finance for high emitting sector transitions (4 December)

Summary: Organized by the UK Government, on behalf of the Breakthrough Agenda, this event brings together countries, financiers and experts in industry, hydrogen and road transport to explore how new collaborative efforts and novel finance programmes are being combined to enable holistic long-term planning, unlock system transitions and mobilize private finance at scale towards high emitting sector transitions in Emerging Markets and Developing Economy (EMDE) countries.

The aim of the event is to take stock of the progress being made to systematically strengthen international support in key high emitting sectors and consider what more is needed to further accelerate efforts this decade. CALSTART Senior Global Director Stephanie Kodish, who leads the organization’s Drive to Zero program and campaign, will moderate this event. Join us 4 December 17:30-19:00 (GST), Arena 1 (Al Hur), Climate Action Zone (Blue Zone). 

Results, Progress, and Challenges on the Road to 100% Electrification (5 December)

Uber and other digital platforms are working to improve city mobility services, access to food, payment management systems, and more. Meanwhile, a commitment to the energy transition, advancing services with zero-emissions, transitioning vehicles, access to charging infrastructure, and driver know-how challenges industry and government alike. This panel will discuss the results thus far on the road to net zero commitments including solutions, as well as ongoing challenges faced. This event will be held on 5 December at 9:00 in the Pathways to 1.5 Pavilion on the ground floor of Thematic Arena 3 within the Opportunity Petal of the Blue Zone.

Transport Decarbonization and Global Standards for the Export and Import of Fuels and Used Cars (5 December)

The High-Level African Petroleum Ministers Meeting in Nairobi in 2022 addressed the challenge of cleaner fuels and used vehicles in Africa. The lack of effective standards and regulations has resulted in significant export of low-quality fuels and unsafe vehicles high in age, mileage, not roadworthy, highly polluting and key components dismantled from developed to developing countries. The Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV) has been promoting cleaner fuels and stringent emission control technologies since 2002. Despite progress in specific African regions, more work is needed to improve fuel quality and vehicle emissions continent-wide.

The side-event builds upon the work in the PCFV and aims to enhance the discussion amongst high level representatives, based on the recommendations of the High-Level African Petroleum Ministers Meeting, including on the role of standards to ensure roadworthiness, reduce the negative environmental and health-related impact of used vehicles and cleaner fuels, with sulfur levels at or below 50 ppm.

Hosted by the government of the Netherlands, which co-leads the Global MOU, this event brings together ministers, policy makers, and relevant stakeholders to discuss cooperation towards clean fuels and used vehicle standards. Please join us 5 December at 09.30 – 11.00 at COP28’s Benelux/EIB Pavilion.

Accelerating Logistics Decarbonization and Green Corporate Fleets (5 December)

This session will unite private and government stakeholders to discuss challenges, opportunities and collaborative actions for logistics decarbonization, emphasizing topics such as “Book and Claim” and global efforts in electric truck adoption, infrastructure and finance.

  • The first panel will focus on the challenges and opportunities faced by the private sector to decarbonize logistics. A deep dive on truck electrification will explore how global shippers are taking actionand can work together to encourage higher investment on electric truck supply, charging infrastructure, and finance mechanisms to convert capital into operational expenses (e.g., transportation as a service, leasing).
  • The second panel will discuss how industry leadership can support government policy ambition and vice-versa, including important regional perspectives from North America, Europe, and China.

This Smart Freight Centre event is co-hosted by CALSTART, The Climate Pledge, The Government of the Netherlands and Smart Freight Centre on December 5, from 11 am to noon, Gulf Standard Time in the World Green Economy Organization (WGEO) Pavilion, Blue Zone.  No pre-registration is required, but seating is limited.

High-Level Event: Scaling up Transport Decarbonization (5 December)

DATE & TIME: 5 Dec 2023 / 13:15—14:45 (two 45 min slots)

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LOCATION: Blue zone, Room 6 SE UNFCCC

  • Part 1: Active Mobility      13:15-14:00
  • Part 2: Zero-Emission Trucks and buses 14:00-14:45

Current levels of and trends in transport emissions are not in line with the goals set in the Paris Agreement. Yet, there is a growing number of ways to abate these emissions across the spectrum: avoid (emissions), shift (to the cleanest modality) and improve (the modes of transportation). To accelerate the decarbonization of the transport sector, this side event highlights strategies for expanding the shift towards active mobility, as well as the adoption of zero-emission buses and freight vehicles.

ACTIVE MOBILITY Cycling and walking are key solutions to improving accessibility, health, climate and livability within and between cities. At COP27 a Call for Action on Active Mobility spurred the creation of the Global Capacity Building program, led by The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The program aims to forge a coalition of nations and organizations, dedicated to stimulating active mobility on the global stage. During this side-event, ACTIVE will be launched. ACTIVE stands for the Alliance for Cycling and Walking Towards International Vitality and Empowerment, and it is the successor of the Global Capacity Building program. New name, same objectives.

TRUCKS AND BUSES There is a substantial collective wisdom on how to advance road transportation policy wisely. Equally there is a growing number of pilot projects on how to advance in implementation. Yet, to bring all this to the scale needed to meet the Paris Agreement, ambition is much needed. This side-event therefore announces the newest wave of signatory countries and endorsers to the Global MOU on zero-emission trucks and buses and it discusses the effectiveness of policies and regulations.

Join us 5 December 2023 at 13:15—14:45 at UNFCCC in the Blue zone, Room 6 SE UNFCCC.

This session is presented by CALSTART/Drive to Zero, The Netherlands, Smart Freight Centre, World Bank, the IEA- Electric Vehicles Initiative, WBCSD, ICCT, Climate Group, Transport Decarbonisation Alliance, C40, WRI, ICLEI, WEF, UC Davis Institute for Transportation Studies and others representing the ZEVWISE coalition.

UK, ICCT and FIA Foundation: The ZEVTC Global Roadmap on Finance (5 December)

Accelerating to Zero Coalition will host the announcement of new ZEV Declaration signatories, BA Progress Report, ZEVTC Global Roadmap. The event will be held 5 December 2023 at 18:30-20:00 at UNFCCC TBA location.

Working Together to Drive the ZEV Transition (6 December)

This event will be centered around a panel discussion to share best practices and learn what jurisdictions are doing to grow zero-emission vehicle engagement domestically and abroad. Hosted by the International ZEV Alliance, the event will feature a keynote speech by Transport Canada followed by an in-depth discussion on the value of engagement and how to overcome challenges to unlock productive partnerships. Join the International ZEV Alliance and our panel of distinguished guests for this event at the Canada Pavilion on 6 December at 9:00 A.M. local time.

Road Transport Breakthrough Roundtable (6 December)

This roundtable discussion, held by the government of the United Kingdom, will convene top private and public sector transport innovators from around the globe. This event will be held 6 December at 9:00-10:15 at UNFCCC’s Climate Action Zone.

Side Event: Zero-Emission Trucks Are Here: Leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean (6 December)

Hosted by CALSTART and the Netherlands, this session will focus on the current state and promise of zero-emission transport in Latin America and island nations. Participants will work to identify shared goals for zero-emission transport for 2024 and increate collaboration among Latin America and Caribbean stakeholders. The session will be held in on December 6 at 10:00-11:30 in the Blue Zone Dominican Republic Pavilion.

Charging ahead: a Collective Vision on Charging Infrastructure to Accelerate the EV Transition (6 December)

 Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is a key enabler to accelerate the transition to zero-emission transport. This UAE Presidency-aligned and highly interactive workshop will focus on how countries and private sector are working towards an expeditious and effortless rollout of EV charging infrastructure for transport as empowered by the Breakthrough Agenda. Join us Dec 6, 2023 (Transport Day) at 1130-1230 at Lab 1 (Al Shaheen) in the Blue Zone. CALSTART Senior Global Director Stephanie Kodish will moderate. Event organizers are ICCT, CALSTART/Drive to Zero and  WBCSD, supported by TDA, CEM-EVI, Green Grids Initiative, Smart Freight Centre, and Climate Group EV100. Register to secure your seat.

Freight to Zero — C40 and The Climate Pledge (6 December)

The high-level event will convene a diverse set of ministers, local and regional leaders, financial institutions, and non-government stakeholders to agree on a suite of multilevel, Paris-aligned actions for cooperation in the UNFCCC space. It will focus on joint policy and finance for sustainable urbanization across sectors including buildings, waste, transport, water, energy, and nature. This effort is part of the Presidency program and is organized by C40 and The Climate Pledge. This event will be held 6 December 2023 at UNFCCC TBA location.

Decarbonization in the transport sector (6 December)

Please join an informative panel discussion hosted by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (GER) and DHL Group focused on transport decarbonization. The transport sector accounts for a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and thus has a key role in achieving net zero. The global competition for a pioneering role in key transformation technologies is in full swing. Against this backdrop, representatives from government, business and civil society will discuss how to transform transport into an emission-free sector, with a particular focus on partnerships, technologies, and transfer to developing countries. Current challenges facing governments and businesses will be highlighted, as well as solutions to address these.

Featured panelists include Hartmut Höppner, State Secretary in the Ministry of Digital and Transport; Holger Lösch, Deputy Managing Director of the Federation of German Industries, BDI;  Volker Ratzmann, Executive Vice President Corporate Public Affairs, DHL Group; Alan Haywood, Senior Vice President ESG Transformation, BP; and CALSTART Senior Global Director Stephanie Kodish, who leads the Drive to Zero program and campaign. This event will be held at the German Pavilion (zone B5, pavilion 51), Blue Zone Wednesday 6 December 2023, Transport Day, 4:30 to 6:00 pm.

Enhancing Urbanization and Livability of the Built Environment through E2/3W Transport (6 December)

Cities are transitioning mobility systems to be more sustainable and drive toward net zero-emissions. There is growing interest, particularly in the Global South, in transitioning to electric 2/3Ws. This panel will examine key market opportunities for the transition, market components that tip the scale to make transition likely (including policy and regulatory environments), as well as discuss supply chains for these products and how this transportation choice could enhance livability of the built environment. This event will be held on 6 December at 17:00 in the Pathways to 1.5 Pavilion on the ground floor of Thematic Arena 3 within the Opportunity Petal of the Blue Zone.

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