Financing clean transport at scale — Closing the viability gap to scale private sector finance in clean transport

May 25, 2023 4:30 pm CET

The case for investing in zero-emission transport is ever more compelling. But the amount of climate finance dedicated to transport is insufficient. This lack of financing hinders private sector finance to flow into clean transport transition projects at pace.

The Collective (the Collective), formed at COP27, calls to institutionalize and coordinate the 5×3 process* to align the public sector, businesses, and investors around collaborative projects that can mobilize transformative finance at scale. During the ITF Summit 2023, The Collective will convene policymakers, businesses, and investors, to discuss how financing the viability gap, considering different use cases, can attract more sources of finance and incentivize demand for more clean transport projects. This session will allow the Collective for clean transport finance to advocate for the 5×3 process, discuss the type of signals required to institutionalize radical collaboration and outline a call to action towards  G20 meeting and COP28 .

Organizers included WBCSD – World Business Council for Sustainable Development, World Resources Institute Smart Freight Centre, The World Bank, CALSTART, U.S. Department of State, and COP28 UAE