International Transport Forum 2022 Summit – Zero Emission Trucks are Coming! (working session)

May 19, 2022 4:30 pm CET

International Transport Forum 2022 Summit in Leipzig, Germany. Zero-emission trucks are coming! Working session.

As a part of the International Transport Forum 2022 Summit, the Netherlands and Drive to Zero will hold an interactive working side event focused on how to accelerate the uptake of zero-emission trucks.Trucks represent just 5% of road vehicles, but account for almost 30% of CO2 emissions and – at the same time – they are reaching cost parity faster than previously predicted. This convergence makes the transition to zero-emission trucks (ZETs) not only needed but within reach. Transitioning to ZETs is a cost-efficient CO2 reduction strategy with high potential.This session is all about the How? How will we achieve this? Who is involved and who does what? And what can you do? Listen to the ambitions and practices of leading-edge actors in this field during an interactive session where you can get started on the next steps for your organization.Participants will interact in two rounds of moderated small-group discussions focused on:

  • Manufacturing and the supply of zero emission trucks
  • Fleets and the demand for zero emission trucks
  • Infrastructure
  • Policy and regulations
  • Incentives

Date: May 19 at 1630 – 1800 CETLocation: Hall 5, Leipziger Messe – ITF SummitRegistration:   Register here.Note: The registration link above is for our side event *ONLY* – To attend the ITF 2022 Summit, you must first register here.