ITF Zero Emission Truck (ZET) Policy Group

May 24, 2023 10:30 am CET

Over two dozen government, academic, and nonprofit representatives gathered to discuss how to navigate stakeholder perspectives on zero-emission truck regulations.

Speakers provided an overview of policy approaches for transitioning the truck market to zero emissions and outlined the main categories of stakeholders and their perspectives, including a review of relevant facts. Attendees then broke into smaller groups to discuss priority areas of interest for future coordination and learning. There were two overarching outcomes that help frame the rest of the takeaways:

Agreement that future events highlighting different stakeholders and perspectives will help jurisdictions workshop options for addressing stakeholder input.

Attendees wanted not only a better understanding of the facts and stakeholder perspectives, but also resources that supported communication with stakeholders.

The first of a series of meetings to increase collaboration and communication around zero-emission truck regulations across jurisdictions and sectors. Both Global MOu signatories AND other countries and regions are invited to this series and the main aim is to facilitate a candid discussion with peer policymakers on how to navigate stakeholder perspectives on ze-truck regulations specifically. This series is organized by the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance, International Council on Clean Transportation, UC Davis Institute for Transportation Studies, UC Berkeley Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment, the Netherlands, and CALSTART/Drive to Zero.