Getting zero-emission vans and trucks on the road – Kick-Off Session

Increasing ambitious action in the decarbonization of freight is key to move the world closer to achieving the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Accelerating zero-emission freight vehicle uptake and help manufacturers better respond to market signals is paramount to that and to the ambition of a growing number of cities to fully reap the air quality and health benefits of zero-emission zones they like to establish in their city centers.

With that ambition the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance, the Climate Group/EV100 and CALSTART/Drive to Zero have initiated a series of meetings to accelerate the development of the zero-emission commercial vehicle market and in particular foster dialogue between supply and demand. Results from the whole series will be conveyed to high-level decision-makers and eventually to the COP 26 in 2021.