ZEV Community and CALSTART: The Global MOU for Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Oct 31, 2022

This joint session from ZEV Community and CALSTART examines key questions and answers around global efforts to accelerate the zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty segment. Topics include purchase subsidies, tax incentives, how smaller fleets can drive to zero, and regulations. Speakers:

  • Sita Holtslag, CALSTART, provided a great overview of the Global MOU, the technology status for MHDVs and need for stronger policies and targets to support industry and technology advancement. Finally, Sita presented a 5-step pathway to decarbonise heavy duty vehicles.
  • Anton Wuis, Netherlands, shared the Netherlands’ 5 pillar approach to achieve their MOU goals, emphasising the need for targets, incentives (that run out within 2h!) and partnerships.
  • Sydney Vergis, California, presented the Advanced Clean Trucks Regulation in a simple and clear way, addressing some of the many “what abouts” (aka barriers) of the HDV transition. Sydney also emphasized the need for collaboration and international clean truck policy.
  • Dakota Semler, Xos Trucks, presented on the companies’ strategy to tackle this complex challenge from the solutions they can implement in the short term (last mile delivery) vs longer term (long haul), and how to leverage partnerships and policy frameworks to drive the transition faster.
  • Sandor Darretta, ABB E-mobility, presented on the heavy-duty ecosystem ABB has built and learnings from different use cases, and well as the challenges customers are facing: the need for finding the balance between sustainability and charging, business operations and TCO.

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