ZEVWISE: HDV Electrification: Mitigating net grid capacity constraints

Nov 16, 2023 4:00 pm CET
This webinar event, hosted by ICCT through the ZEVWISE coalition, will delve into the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) and how to mitigate net grid capacity constraints in the short-, mid-, and long-term.
We will address crucial questions related to grid optimization and the pivotal roles played by governments and key stakeholders in this transformative journey. Our discussion will explore the following questions:
  1. What innovative solutions can be swiftly implemented to boost grid load factors without requiring regulatory approval?
  2. What are the mid-term strategies that necessitate administrative consent or regulatory approval to alleviate grid capacity constraints?
  3. How can local, state, and national governments facilitate the implementation of these solutions?
  4. What contributions can utilities, fleets, and property owners make to support this electrifying transition?
Moderator: Marie Rajon Bernard, Researcher, ICCT
  • Jaap Burger, Senior Advisor, Regulatory Agency Project
  • Alexander Gaytandjiev, E.ON
  • Pieter van Kerkhof, Senior Advisor Sustainable Mobility, Netherlands government
  • Michael Rahi, E.ON