Building a zero-emission goods-movement system: Opportunities to strengthen Canada’s ZEV freight sector

Published Dec 2020

As urbanization, economic activity, online shopping, and the demand for same-day and home deliveries increase, the number of delivery trucks and vans on the streets of Canada’s cities is also growing. Now is the time to consider what the proliferation of delivery trucks is doing to the air that Canadians breathe, and the impact those vehicles are having on global warming.

Based on a review by the Pembina Institute of the policies implemented to promote the use of zero-emission delivery vehicles within six of the largest Canadian municipalities as well as the policies of their respective provincial governments and the federal government, it is clear that an integrated and comprehensive approach is required to support the shift to low-carbon urban delivery.

This report, a publication of the Urban Delivery Solutions Initiative, identifies 10 opportunities to support the expansion of zero-emission vehicles for goods movement, and to help Canada achieve its 2030 and 2050 climate targets.

Author: Carolyn Kim, Cedric Smith
Organization: Pembina Institute
Regional focus: