Multi-Country Action Plan for the Global Memorandum of Understanding on Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Published Nov 2022

The Global MOU is the first global agreement aligning the goals of national governments to decarbonize trucks and buses, a segment of the market that contributes disproportionately to CO2 emissions and air pollution. The document that follows establishes the policy status of the Global MOU countries—and several countries not yet signatories—and outlines the major policy developments to date.

The Multi-Country Action Plan provides the policy framework for national governments to adopt by showcasing current policies adopted to date and providing guidance on next steps to establishing their own strong plans and build on existing progress. The Action Plan highlights the importance of nurturing the development of all aspects of a country’s policy ecosystem and lays out recommendations for each dimension for governments to adapt into their own planning and rulemaking processes.

Achieving harmony between national governments driving innovation is critical to scaling supply, reducing costs, encouraging interoperable infrastructure, and ultimately achieving the proliferation of ZE-MHDVs, clean air and a brighter future for all.

Author: Owen MacDonnell, Cristiano Façanha, PhD.
Organization: CALSTART