Ten Zero-Emission Freight Corridors Around the World: Blueprint, Beacon, and Catalyst

Published May 2024
ZEVWISE Corridor Map

*Map depicts first eight of the planned Ten Green Corridors.

Through strategic collaboration with leading partners across relevant public and private sectors, ZEVWISE aims to advance the development of at least Ten Green Corridors globally by 2026, demonstrating models for successful infrastructure deployment and finance and creating a pathway for replication and scale. This fact sheet showcases the first eight corridors planned under this initiative, which focuses on road corridors with high traffic volumes spanning different countries. Corridors are considered vital routes linking global industrial hubs, ports, and/or cities.  

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Ten Green Corridors Initiative

The initial Ten Green Corridors will build on shared knowledge, tools, and experiences from leading partners; capture unique differences and similarities across regions and countries; and function as a blueprint, beacon, and catalyst for revolutionizing freight globally. A corridor support network will be created to streamline future corridor planning, implementation, and operation. 

 ZEVWISE prioritizes the development of publicly available infrastructure and zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (ZE-MHDVs) within these road networks, acknowledging both the technology readiness and availability of ZE-MHDVs right now, as well as the negative environmental impact and harmful emissions of diesel-powered vehicles. By concentrating efforts on road corridors, and therefore in publicly available infrastructure, ZEVWISE aims to ensure operational feasibility and bring confidence to operators, policymakers, and investors to advance their role in accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation solutions. 

Beyond ZEVWISE partners, the Ten Green Corridor initiative will be supported widely by allies across governments, subnational governments, industry stakeholders, financial investors, knowledge partners, and innovators across the transport and clean energy ecosystem. The moment for collaboration is here, and the time to act is now.  

ZEVWISE is a coalition that brings together leading governments, international governmental organizations, development finance institutions, and nonprofit organizations, collaboratively and holistically addressing finance and infrastructure challenges to catalyze concrete projects for real-world change. The ZEVWISE partners are CALSTART/Drive to Zero, Electric Vehicles Initiative, International Council on Clean Transportation, International Transport Forum, Netherlands, Smart Freight Centre, United Kingdom/Department for Energy Securing & Net Zero, United Nations Environment Programme, United States Department of Energy, The World Bank, and World Business Council for Sustainable Development.