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Drive to Zero and FIER Sustainable Mobility have launched the proof-of-concept implementation hub Netherlands as part of the Global Drive to Zero implementation hub network. The main goal of the implementation hub is to provide tailor-made support to guide local fleet owners through the implementation process to prepare for electrification. FIER will support fleet owners requiring assistance with the electrification of their (future) fleet in the Netherlands.

The Implementation Hub Netherlands will provide fleets with tailored solutions to support lower deployment costs coupled with optimal replacement schedules—and complemented by the most up-to-date model availability data through ZETI Netherlands In addition, the hub can identify and plan effective charging infrastructure solutions, connect fleets with innovative financing products, and match-make potential technology, innovation, finance, and other strategic partners. The fleet advisory services will be provided with the support of global tools that are adapted to the local context so that it fits the needs, wishes and requests for help from fleet owners in the Netherlands.

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Questions? For questions or more information about the global implementation hub network, please email – For questions directly related to the implementation hub Netherlands, please find more information on the website of our local implementing partner FIER –