Global MOU on ZE-MHDVs Thematic Deep Dive #6: Enabling Policies

Jan 17, 2023 4:00 pm CET

Under the Global Memorandum of Understanding (Global MOU) on Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles (ZE-MHDV), leading nations are now working collaboratively to enable 100% zero-emission new truck and bus sales by 2040 with an interim goal of 30% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2030. MOU organizers and facilitators the Netherlands and CALSTART’s Drive to ZeroTM are hosting a series of invitation-only discussions with MOU nations (view a complete playlist of our thematic deep dive discussions here). The goal is to share data and connect countries with leading technology and business experts who can support the signatories in advancing their ZE-MHDV ambitions.

Our sixth discussion will center on enabling policies (zero-emission zones, curbside management, access restrictions, fleet purchase requirements etc.) and how they can help accelerate and strategically grow the ZE-MHDV segment. *Invitation only.


  • National and local governments can implement zero-emission zones (ZEZ) to stimulate demand for ZE-MHDVs and to reduce air and noise pollution at the same time. Each ZEZ is unique in terms of size, shape, and underlying legal framework. Ambitious yet realistic goals and timelines combined with community-driven implementation strategies are important to establishing ZEZ. Curbside management can be implemented to achieve similar goals.
  • Governments can implement fleet purchase requirements to spur market demand for ZE-MHDVs by mandating a minimum share of zero-emission vehicles in fleet purchases. Such purchase requirements, should, at minimum, create a market effect as great as that of supply-side polices such as ZEV regulations, and ideally generate even greater demand, especially for vehicle segments well suited for electrification today.
  • Facilitating the realization of sufficient charging infrastructureis a necessary precondition for effectively leveraging and implementing enabling policies for ZE-MHDV.


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Time (CET)  Activity 
16:00 Opening 

  • Moderator: Rosemarie Cramer, Advisor International Sustainable Logistics, The Netherlands Enterprise Agency
16:05 Presentations  

  • Petrouschka Werther, Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • Catherine Ittner, C40 Cities 
  • Rik Arends, Smart Freight Centre 
  • Owen MacDonnell, CALSTART
16:42 Panel Discussion 

  • Bruce Marsh, DP-DHL Americas

  • Raphael Guillard, IKEA 

17:00 Q&A 
17:25 Wrap-up 

These sessions are by invite-only and will be primarily aimed to inform national policymakers in the Global MOU current and prospective countries.