CALSTART’s Global Drive to Zero Program Announces New Global MOU Endorsers at the International Transport Forum | 22 May 2024

CALSTART’s Global Drive to Zero Program Announces New Global MOU Endorsers at the International Transport Forum

Leipzig, Germany—CALSTART’s global Drive to Zero™ program and the Government of the Netherlands just announced new endorsers including knowledge partners of the ambitious Global Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles. For fleets, this endorsement means working to reach 100 percent zero-emission new truck and bus sales by 2040, and at least 30 percent by 2030. This announcement came during a press event at ITF where the program team also announced new Global MOU signatory nations Costa Rica, Seychelles, and Tonga, as well as the ZEVWISE Coalition’s launch of a global zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty freight corridors initiative.

Global MOU endorsements are made by sub-national governments, businesses, knowledge partners, and industry leaders that share the same goals and objectives to accelerate the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) transition. They work together as part of a global effort to strategically overcome barriers, help accelerate ZEV production and deployment, and make the transition to ZEVs more cost-effective and easier for governments to more quickly advance policies and programs and for fleet owner-operators to incorporate in their corporate strategy.

Today, there are 151 Global MOU endorsers including knowledge partners; 31 have signed on since COP28, and more are expected to be announced at CEM and COP29 later this year. New endorsers or knowledge partners include:

Africa E-Mobility Alliance (AfEMA) MaierKorduletsch
Albert Heijn Mobility Uruguay
Asociación Mexicana de Impulso al Vehículo Eléctrico (AMIVE) Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association (Elbil)
AVEVA Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)
Axle Mobility Salvia Energía
Cenex Shell Recharge
Charge Across Town Speedbird Aero
Dynamon Ltd Swedish 2030-Sekretariat
Eland X Ltd Talon Logistics Inc.
Electric Vehicle Direct (Fiji) WAVE Charging
Empire Clean Cities XCharge Europe GmbH
Evolectric Zambian Electric Mobility Innovation Alliance (ZEMIA)
Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation ZeroNox, Inc.
Island Innovation

“To reduce road freight emissions locally and globally, direct electrification is key,” said Dr. Julia Hildermeier, Senior Associate EU Programme, Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP). “We’re working to ensure electric trucks are charging optimally at lowest cost for the users, the grid, and the environment.”

“This partnership reaffirms our commitment to carbon-free mobility for goods, ushering in a future where cargo travels safely, swiftly, and without leaving a carbon footprint behind,” said Eloisa Rios, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships, Speedbird Aero. “Speedbird Aero’s innovative approach to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) not only revolutionizes the logistics industry but also demonstrates our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship. Together with CALSTART, we are shaping a greener tomorrow, one flight at a time.”

“Sweden has decided to reduce the climate impact from the transport sector by 70 percent between 2010 and 2030,” said Mattias Goldmann, Founder and CEO of the Swedish 2030-Sekretariat. “This is our chance to be relevant and inspiring, and we at the 2030-Secretariat with our partners will ensure it happens. To get there, virtually all new vehicles need to be zero-emission starting yesterday, which is why CALSTART’s Drive to Zero program is so important.”

“At iCET, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of promoting clean energy transition and sustainable transportation development,” said Emma Wang, Clean Transportation Program Lead, Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation. “Confronted with the climate crisis, we are dedicated to developing practical, innovative solutions grounded in robust scientific research. Zero-emission transport is crucial for a sustainable future. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we combat climate change directly and ensure cleaner air, protecting public health. It also drives economic growth and innovation, creating green jobs and promoting sustainable development. Embracing zero-emission transport means building a healthier, more prosperous, and resilient world for all.”

Since COP26, 36 countries have signed the Global MOU, sending a clear message that the widespread adoption of ZEVs can be achieved with policy planning, financial investments, and a commitment to deploy clean vehicles with supporting charging infrastructure. The Global MOU endorsers, including knowledge partners, are now a community that covers all continents, having welcomed new endorsers in Africa and Asia and the first endorser in the Pacific.

“The most recent cohort of Global MOU endorsers and knowledge partners makes one thing clear: decarbonizing medium- and heavy-duty vehicles is a mission shared by stakeholders across the transport ecosystem and one that’s on track to revolutionize the way people and goods move,” said Stephanie Kodish, Senior Director for CALSTART’s Drive to Zero program. “More than that, the transition is in motion across the Global North and the Global South, putting long overdue and much needed sustainable economies and healthier air in reach. Drive to Zero and the Government of the Netherlands are delighted to welcome the new endorsers and knowledge partners to the Global MOU community.”

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About Drive to Zero
Drive to Zero is a program of clean transportation accelerator CALSTART and an official campaign of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM). We and our partners are helping top global government officials and private-sector innovators reach an ambitious goal of 100 percent new zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicle sales by the year 2040 under the Global MOU. The program is working to accelerate the decarbonization of commercial vehicles through global partnerships, innovative tools, groundbreaking research, and education.