Drive to Zero Newsletter – May 2022

Dear Drive to Zero™ Pledge Partners and Allies:

Drive to Zero’s focus on advancing Global MOU implementation has led to an exciting announcement: we are thrilled to share that Portugal has signed the Global Memorandum of Understanding (Global MOU) on Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles (ZE-MHDVs) this month at the International Transport Forum 2022 Summit. Portugal joins 15 other nations, many European, in committing to 100% zero-emission truck and bus sales by 2040. We look forward to our partnership with Portugal and urge other nations to join us in this commitment to combat the climate crisis.

As part of our work to drive market transformation on a global scale, we have developed two white papers that hone in on the ZE-MHDV market in the People’s Republic of China. Using CALSTART’s Drive to Zero Market Projection Model, the Technology and Commercialization Pathways for Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles in China white paper establishes projections of ZE-MHDV sales targets through 2050 for China in alignment with the Global MOU. This analysis applies the framework established for the global MHDV market to China, presenting a vision for the future of transportation technology in the Chinese market. To encourage the Chinese government to align the country’s capability with its ambition and commit to more aggressive zero-emission truck (ZET) targets, the Zero-Emission Truck Real-World Performance in U.S. and Europe and Implications for China report valuates the technical and economic feasibility of ZETs and provides systematic recommendations to accelerate ZET commercialization and improve the financial feasibility of ZETs. Please join us for an in-depth discussion of these studies on May 31 at 6pm Pacific / June 1 at 9am in Beijing.

— Cristiano Façanha, Global Director, CALSTART / Drive to Zero

Program Updates

International Transport Forum 2022 Summit

The Global MOU on ZE-MHDVs and Drive to Zero’s work was showcased at the Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum in two side events. The Zero-Emission Trucks: Keep Them Rolling shared the views of leading public and private actors while highlighting the opportunities and benefits of a fast transition to zero-emission trucks building on the momentum the Global MOU has provided. The Netherlands and Drive to Zero also held an interactive working event focused on how to accelerate the uptake of zero-emission trucks – listen to the ambitions and practices of leading-edge actors in Zero-Emission Trucks are Coming!

Global MOU on ZE-MHDVs – Thematic Deep Dive Series

The Netherlands and Drive to Zero are hosting a series of six invitation-only thematic deep dive discussions to support Global MOU implementation and engage with prospective MOU countries. Watch a replay of our first discussion, Technology Readiness and Economics, which centered on the current and upcoming technology readiness and economics of different ZE-MHDV technologies, the horizon for ZE-MHDV cost parity, and more. Our second discussion focused on infrastructure for ZE-MHDVs and examined the challenges and opportunities surrounding the roll-out of charging and refueling infrastructure, including public-private coordination, integration into grid networks, and innovative solutions. Stay tuned for the next deep dive!

Zero-Emission Truck Showcase + Ride and Drive

On June 8, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and CALSTART are hosting a Zero-Emission Truck Showcase + Ride and Drive at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. The event will feature HVIP-eligible vehicles available to test drive and will include training sessions on charging infrastructure, financing, and incentives. Experts from CARB and the California Energy Commission will also be available to answer HVIP and EnergIIZE questions.

Join the Drive to Zero Team

Drive to Zero has two exciting job openings: the Global Program Manager will lead and manage all of Drive to Zero’s global partner recruitment and engagement, and the China Program Manager will lead and manage Drive to Zero’s work in China. Please help us spread the word.

Pledge Partner Updates

Global MOU for ZE-MHDVs Endorsement Update

As momentum builds and Global MOU signatory nations grow, we want to thank these sub-national governments, businesses, and other organizations for committing to accelerate the ZEV transition:

Learn more about MOU endorsement on the Drive to Zero website.

Drive to Zero Pledge Partners Update

The Drive to Zero pledge partner network continues to grow, and we are excited to welcome the following organizations that recently signed the Drive to Zero Pledge:

The Drive to Zero pledge partner network now stands at over 135 partners working together to accelerate the market for ZECVs. Learn more about the Pledge on the Drive to Zero website.

News Updates

Portugal’s signing of the Global MOU highlights how worldwide efforts to advance ZE-MHDV deployments are rapidly gaining momentum. Enthusiasm for zero-emission trucks across the globe has been particularly high in the past few weeks, with news ranging from DHL’s order of 44 new electric Volvo trucks for European routes to India’s Tata Motors’ launch of the new ACE EV, a small electric truck that already has 39,000 bookings. The Advanced Clean Truck Expo in Long Beach, California, this month, which drew a record number of attendees, was also jam packed with truck announcements, including Daimler’s production version of the million-mile-plus battery-electric Class 8 Freightliner eCascadiaand Xos’ unveiling of two commercial electric trucks and a connected vehicle software. And to showcase the increasing business case of these vehicles for both fleets and manufacturers, Nikola earned nearly $1.89 million in services-related revenue in Q1 2022, helping it to exceed Wall Street’s expectations.

Major countries are still leaving commitments to electrification at the sub-national level, however, as emphasized in our two reports on the critical work to be done in China to advance zero-emission technology. In addition, while the White House released the first $500 million of funding for electric school buses last week, the U.S. has yet to commit to zero-emission vehicle sales targets at the federal level—even though nearly 85% of U.S. fleets expect zero-emission technology use to grow and approximately 65% of medium-duty trucks and 49% of heavy-duty trucks are regularly driving short enough routes that they could be replaced with electric trucks on the market today. But at the state level, governments are banding together to advance truck electrification efforts and seeking to address future grid management concerns with unique approaches and new technology. Tennessee is looking to the state’s distribution system as “the canary in the coal mine” to anticipate problems in electrifying their transportation system, and California’s Public Utilities Commission has approved three vehicle-grid integration pilots to help the utility support electric vehicle deployment and bidirectional charging equipment, which will provide backup power, build resiliency, and lower the cost of electric vehicle ownership.

Please share new information, potential partners, and innovative practices to achieve our Drive to Zero goals at Follow us on Twitter @TeamDrivetoZero. Please feel free to share this newsletter with others.

– Emily Varnell, Technical Writer, CALSTART

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