Bipartisan Governors Plus D.C. Commit to Zero-Emission Trucks, National Movement to Transform Transportation Underway | July 14, 2020

CALSTART welcomes today’s announcement by NESCAUM and states around the country that will promote clean commercial vehicle options in the transportation sector, drive jobs in advanced vehicle production, and help states recover well in a clean energy economy. Today’s announcement builds on other recent state action to grow markets for zero-emission trucks (ZETs), including California’s move to require truck manufacturers to sell an increasing percentage of ZETs in the state starting in 2024.

“Today’s bipartisan commitment shows the momentum growing in states beyond California to build robust markets for zero-emission trucks and buses,” said Bill Van Amburg, Executive Vice President at CALSTART. “We are eager to work with NESCAUM and signatory states to develop the right combination of incentives and policies to enable a thriving zero-emission commercial vehicle market.”

The adoption of forward-looking actions by states will spur domestic manufacturing of zero-emission vehicles in the U.S. Strong policies and robust incentives will increase production and supply chain growth, driving down the cost of zero-emissions vehicles and creating above-average-wage jobs.

Growth of the industry could be fast-tracked if coupled with strategic investments by the federal government. The National ZET Coalition is a CALSTART-organized group of clean commercial vehicle suppliers and manufacturers advocating for federal incentives to purchase zero-emission trucks. The coalition is also seeking federal support for charging and refueling infrastructure and technology development and demonstration funding.

CALSTART is working to extend a variety of ZEV policy objectives and frameworks on the state, federal and now international level through its Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero program. This effort has generated pledges from governments and industry leaders from around the world to put in place supporting mechanisms to speed the early market for zero- and near-zero emission trucks, buses and equipment.

“The global marketplace for zero-emissions vehicles is growing rapidly. It increases the chances that U.S. companies lead this emerging industry. We need strong commitments like the ones delivered from the governors today,” continued Van Amburg. “Political leadership on clean transportation is growing to the benefit of consumers, disadvantaged communities and workers.”

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