COP27: New MOU Endorsers Call for Zero-Emission Transport Future | 11.17.22

Since it first launched more than 70 subnational governments and private sector innovators have signed formal acknowledgements endorsing the ambition of the Global MOU. New endorsers announced at COP27 explain below why they support accelerating zero-emission transport:


“As AVERE, we want Europe to achieve all new trucks to be zero-emissions vehicles by 2035, leading to a fully decarbonised European road transport by 2050. This is not only a precondition for Europe to reach its climate aims, but will also help reduce harmful air and noise pollution, and help operators achieve lower total costs of ownership for their vehicles.”

—Philippe Vangeel, Secretary General at AVERE


“The transportation sector has the potential to not only lead the way in cutting carbon emissions, but at the same time achieve dramatic efficiency improvements that translate into trillions of dollars of economic value. The ability to move quickly and smartly to take advantage of this massive opportunity will determine which companies thrive, and which struggle to even survive. Brightmerge’s mission is to help transportation and energy companies make this transition happen, rapidly and with minimal risk.”

—Daniel Schwab, CEO and Founder of Brightmerge

Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe

“We are here to accelerate the transition to zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles. By rolling out heavy-duty public charging infrastructure, we will show the market that zero-emission long-haul transport is not only possible – it is profitable. By signing the Global MoU, we hope to encourage others to step up their own commitments and join us on the journey to zero-emission.”

—Anja van Niersen, CEO of Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe (which will build at least 1700 public charge points for heavy-duty vehicles in Europe by 2027)


“As a global leader in logistics and delivery services, DHL Express has long recognized the important role that our industry plays in decarbonizing the transportation sector. The Global MOU and the growing list of signatory countries and endorsing organizations signing on at COP27 is a significant and welcome development. We look forward to working with these governments and peers as we deploy zero-emission vehicles and the necessary infrastructure to make them a reality.”

—Greg Hewitt, CEO, DHL Express, US


“I’m truly inspired by the Global MOU, and am honored for ParkMyFleet to officially endorse its goals, which will play a crucial role in our progress towards net-zero emissions. The goals directly align with ParkMyFleet’s mission as we continue to develop mobility hubs that meet the needs of fleets as they move towards electrification.”

—Mike Landau, CEO of ParkMyFleet, a mobility company


“Thirty-one years ago, I joined the MIT Solar Car team as a co-captain, and I’ve been working towards creating more sustainable ways to transport people and goods ever since, which why the Global MOU is so personal and important to me. I am so proud for ParkMyFleet to officially support the Global MOU, an effort which will undoubtedly catalyze positive environmental change.”

Kristin Slanina, CIO of ParkMyFleet


“From collecting garbage to commercial transport, HDVs drive essential aspects of our lives. Being a key element of our society, their working conditions are one the most time-sensitive in the market. Thus, the transport industry has no time to lose; but neither do we as society. HDVs account for nine percent of global GHG emissions, yet they are often overlooked by sustainable initiatives.   The fastest lane to make the HDV industry greener is through electrification. However, without a proper charging capacity, widespread electrification of HDV simply won’t happen. That’s why we support this initiative. eMobility is not an option, it’s a necessity “

-Markus Mildner, CEO eMobility Siemens Smart Infrastructure


“We are proud to endorse the Global MOU on Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles. At Workhorse, zero-emission transport is core to our vision of pioneering the transition to zero-emission commercial vehicles. We design and build all-electric commercial vehicles, remotely-powered aircraft, and telematics systems to make last-mile delivery as efficient and sustainable as possible. As an all-electric original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of commercial electric vehicles (EVs) and electric aircraft, we welcome the opportunity to be a strategic partner to global government and industry to meet and accelerate their zero-emission targets.”

—Rick Dauch, Workhorse CEO