Global MOU Berlin In-Person Meeting | 5.23.23-5.24.23 Berlin, Germany

Thank You to Global MOU Supporters!

The Netherlands and CALSTART’s Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero program and campaign thanks all participants of the recent Global MOUconference in Berlin. We have deepened our collaboration and cooperation as we pursue 100% zero-emission new truck and bus sales by 2040 at the latest.

Global MOU signatories and endorsers gather in Berlin.

Hosted by the Netherlands and CALSTART’s Drive to Zero program and campaign, the event is creating a community that will have a lasting impact on the transition to zero-emission transport. Shorter term, participants discussed a collective  launch toward greater ambitions and actions at the upcoming convening of the Clean Energy Ministerial and COP28. Photo by Ünsal Erbas.

We recognize and value the participation and commitment of our Global MOU signatory nations, such as Ukraine, who choose to prioritize the climate crisis even in the face of daunting hurdles at home.

Denis Radiuk, President of European Association for Electromobility, Sustainable Transport and Infrastructure of Ukraine (AVERE Ukraine), engages with attendees during a break at the Global MOU Berlin event. Photo by Ünsal Erbas.

“Currently, Ukraine is defending itself and human values against comprehensive Russian aggression, also, by getting rid of fossil fuels dependency forever. Securing clean and resilient energy at the level of motivation which has never been so high. Despite what we experience now, we recognize importance and pro-actively participate in leading global efforts to mitigate the climate crisis. For enabling totally sustainable connectivity there will never be a better time than now,” said Denis Radiuk, President of AVERE Ukraine.

“Zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles are critical to solving the climate crisis, promoting healthier air, and delivering economic and operational benefits to fleets,” said Sonja Munnix, representing the government of the Netherlands. “Not only that, these vehicles are ready to be put to work today, which is why it is so great to be part of this energetic community of people from around the world sharing experiences on how to get them on the road.”

“It is fitting that we held our event in Europe, the continent that in recent years, along with the polar regions, has experienced the highest rate of temperature increase due to climate change,” said Stephanie Kodish, CALSTART’s Global Director and lead of Drive to Zero. “Coming out of this event, our mission is clear — we must prioritize and accelerate zero-emission transport now.”

Michael Berube, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Sustainable Transportation, Department of Energy of the United States of America. Photo by Ünsal Erbas.

(L-R) Rosemarie Cramer, Advisor, International Sustainable Logistics Netherlands, engages in a discussion with Carla Detrieux, Head of Business Development at Volta Trucks, and Dr. Steven Cliff, Executive Officer of the California Air Resources Board. Photo by Ünsal Erbas.

“Zero-emission trucks are no-longer niche products — they are the future of transport,” said Andreas Follér, Head of Sustainability at Traton Group (Scania). “Scania is ambitiously pursuing zero-emission technologies today and setting strong goals for the future. We share the conviction with this ambitious group of leading countries that this is a one-way street taking us towards a truly sustainable transport system.”

Thank you to our fireside-chat participants who offered important insights into the opportunities and challenges of electrifying our global transport system.

(L-R) Rosemarie Cramer, Advisor, International Sustainable Logistics Netherlands, with Torsten Freytag Global Segment Sales Manager Car & LCV Fleets at ABB E-mobility and Andreas Follér, Head of Sustainability at Traton Group (Scania). Photo by Ünsal Erbas.

We hope you will take home the new ideas, partnerships, and solutions that were born and highlighted during our problem-solving workshops.

CALSTART’s Ricardo Garcia leads Global MOU workshop. Photo by Ünsal Erbas.

Workshop at Global MOU conference in Berlin. Photo by Ünsal Erbas.

The Netherlands and CALSTART’s Drive to Zero will continue to convene Global MOU signatory countries and public- and private-sector Global MOU endorsers in informative and supportive engagements in the coming months. We look forward to working with you to make CEM14 and COP28 critical platforms for zero-emission transport.

CALSTART Global Director Stephanie Kodish addresses Global MOU signatories and endorsers. Photo by Ünsal Erbas.

We invite subnational governments, private sector companies, and thought leaders to endorse the Global MOU today to show their support for accelerating zero-emission transport.