Drive to Zero Newsletter – November 2023

Dear Drive to Zero™ Supporters:

COP28—the largest global annual gathering on climate action—has officially begun! Together with our partners, Drive to Zero and The Netherlands will showcase critical market and policy actions taken by the Global Memorandum of Understanding on Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles (Global MOU) community over the past year toward a global transition to zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (ZE-MHDVs). We’ll also uplift the policy, finance,and infrastructure solutions needed to make significant progress in decarbonizing commercial vehicles in 2024. Plus, we will spotlight the new countries joining our Global MOU community!

It’s not too late to let us know if you will be at COP28 (or have arrived already!) by filling out our COP28 partner survey. When doing so, please let us know if you have obtained Blue Zone credentials.

Regulations that lock in ZE-MHDV adoption are foundational, as they establish common actions and timelines to align and move stakeholders to achieve the transition to a zero-emission transport future. In parallel, we must mobilize investment at scale and collaboratively expedite plans for infrastructure deployment across the energy and transport sectors. We look forward to lifting the voices of the zero-emission transport community and sharing exciting announcements over the coming week!

— Stephanie Kodish, Global Director, CALSTART / Drive to Zero

Program Progress and Actions

COP28 Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicle Events

For those attending COP28, we highly encourage you to join us for at least these three side events hosted by Drive to Zero, The Netherlands, and our partners that will accelerate transportation decarbonization. For full details and a complete list of events, visit the Drive to Zero website.

High-Level Event: Scaling Up Transport Decarbonization

Time: December 5, 2023, at 13:15-14:45
Location: UNFCCC in the Blue Zone, Room 6 SE UNFCCC

Current levels of and trends in transport emissions are not in line with the goals set in the Paris Agreement. Yet, there is a growing number of ways to abate these emissions across the spectrum: avoid (emissions), shift (to the cleanest modality), and improve (the modes of transportation). To accelerate the decarbonization of the transport sector, this side event highlights strategies for expanding the shift toward active mobility, as well as the adoption of zero-emission buses and freight vehicles. Add to your calendar here.

Charging Ahead: A Collective Vision on Charging Infrastructure to Accelerate the EV Transition

Time: December 6, 2023, at 11:30-12:30
Location: Lab 1 (Al Shaheen) in the Blue Zone

Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) is a key enabler to accelerate the transition to zero-emission transport. This UAE Presidency-aligned and highly interactive workshop will focus on how countries and the private sector are working toward an expeditious and effortless rollout of EV charging infrastructure for transport as empowered by the Breakthrough Agenda. Register to secure your seat.

Collective for Clean Transport Finance High-Level Event

Time: December 4, 2023, at 16:15-18:00
Location: Knowledge Hub (McKinsey Pavilion) Green Zone

The Collective is channeling political ambition for accelerated ZEV adoption from leading platforms like the Zero Emission Vehicles Transition Council, the Breakthrough Agenda and the Global Memorandum of Understanding on Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles. It mobilizes the capacity of 80+ constituents across sectors to collect, curate, and connect the demand for ZEV projects to potential investors. During this in-person meeting, government leaders, corporate executives, and financing institutions principals will align on collective actions and signal their support and engagement in flagship global transport decarbonization projects.

The event agenda and registration are available at this link.

Spotlighting the Opportunity for ZE-MHDVs in Latin America & the Caribbean

Latin American and Caribbean nations are facing serious climate and health impacts from diesel trucks and must decouple economic growth from diesel pollution. A new Drive to Zero analysis, conducted in partnership with Grupo EMobilitas, Expanding Access to Financing for Zero-Emission Trucks in Latin America and the Caribbean / Ampliando el acceso a financiamiento para camiones de cero emisiones en América Latina y el Caribe, identifies critical actions that international development finance institutions and national governments can take now to unlock affordable financing for zero-emission trucks and accelerate adoption in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Global Progress Toward Decarbonizing Transport: Multi-Country Action Plan 2023 Update

This year’s Multi-Country Action Plan offers a year in review of the zero-emission transport policy progress of leading countries around the world, as well as recommendations for action in 2024. It provides policy frameworks that national governments can adopt to accelerate a zero-emission transport future, showcases current policies adopted to date, and provides guidance on next steps to establishing strong plans and building on existing progress.

Locking in Commercial ZEV Charging Infrastructure

To successfully decarbonize transport and accelerate the needed infrastructure, deep collaboration, long-term planning, and short-term problem-solving must start now. This guide, to be launched at COP28, will offer an overview of the success factors and actions needed to usher in the infrastructure to support the drive to zero.

Have a Compelling, Authentic Story About Transitioning to Zero-Emission Trucks?

We know how hard you’ve worked to electrify your fleet, shift your business to increase or function entirely with zero-emission vehicles, and spearhead efforts in your community and on the international stage to enable the transition to zero-emission operations. We want to shine a spotlight on you—the people making it happen and the communities benefiting from these actions. Drive to Zero will launch its Charging Up Change visual series celebrating your successes at COP28.

If you’re interested in showcasing your efforts to transform transport for good on the global stage with Drive to Zero,please reach out to Owen MacDonnell at

News Updates

Global MOU signatory countries and industry endorsers continue to take measurable strides in decarbonizing transport and securing a viable future for all. We applaud the Global MOU community for making headlines in the month leading up to COP28! The highlighted articles below are just a sample of important work taking place around the world—browse the News Links for more.

Global MOU Endorsers Sign Open Letter to World Leaders for COP28

More than 100 CEOs and senior executives from the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders shared an open letter ahead of COP28 asking for regulators and policymakers to rapidly increase public-private collaboration and accelerate emissions reduction. The list of signatures includes several Global MOU endorsers: ABB, Heineken, Iberdrola, Scania, and Siemens AG.

Denmark to Build Charging Parks for Electric Trucks

Major Danish highways will have 25 fast-charging parks for electric trucks by 2030, with the first five stations set to go live in 2025. The charging stations will collectively have 175 charge points and be located at a maximum of 60 kilometers from one another, in line with the European Union’s regulation on infrastructure for alternative fuels (AFIR).

Ireland Invests in Skills for Electric Vehicle Industries

The government of Ireland, which is a signatory to the Global MOU, has announced it will develop a national center to tackle the growing need for skilled workers to repair and maintain electric vehicles of all types, including trucks, buses, vans, and heavy-goods vehicles. To be based in Mullingar, Co Westmeath, the center aims to build upon the “legacy of skilled craft training in motor mechanics within the region” and prepare a national workforce equipped with the expanding skills requirements for electric vehicles.

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Emily Varnell, Technical Writer, CALSTART

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